The New Puppy Checklist – FREE Downloadable PDF

Just about to bring home your new puppy? Looking for ways to be as prepared as possible? I know how stressful being a new puppy owner can be.

I brought home my newest four-legged friend, Olive, one month ago. And let me tell you – even though I am a relatively experienced dog owner, I was still exhausted, stressed, and realized I forgot about a few important things!

A new puppy checklist can help take some of that stress away by helping you feel more prepared for this big life change.

I’ve created a thorough checklist to help you prepare for your pup. This checklist not only includes important supplies you’ll need, but also things you should consider and be prepared for – such as financial considerations, training commands, and more!


The New Puppy Checklist

puppy checklist

Want to print this out?

Download The PDF Version Here!


One thought on “The New Puppy Checklist – FREE Downloadable PDF

  1. As we brought home our first puppy we were so tired we fell over and slept for the next 11 hours. And we woke to a very tiny dog who had taken down the whole apartment and made herself at home in the best and biggest bed that was there to find. Ever since then puppy ruled the family – I probably should have looked at some advice before:)

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