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guy-2617866_1280“Will This Get Better?” – Dealing With The Puppy Blues

I am an active member of the Reddit Puppy 101 subreddit (an online forum). And I see the same posts almost every single day – “Will this better?”… [Read More]


pexels-photo-133196Shelter vs Breeder: My Experience With Both

If you are a dog owner or have done even a little bit of research into dog ownership, I can almost guarantee you’ve seen the adopting from a shelter vs breeder debate. It is a hot topic… [Read More]


header1The New Puppy Checklist

Just about to bring home your new puppy? Looking for ways to be as prepared as possible? I know how stressful being a new puppy owner can be… [Read More]


lauren2 What Is Max & Olive?

Hi! My name is Lauren! You may have come here from I’m Fine, Stop Asking, my other blog…. [Read More]